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DIG202 - Digimat Standard Training - Material Engineering

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Products: Digimat-MF, Digimat-MX, Digimat-FE

This course will teach the student how to use Digimat products to virtually elevate the performance of new composite material design.

2 days
Pre-requisites : 
Basic theoretical knowledge of material constitutive models (elasticity, elasto-plasticity) is advised. A good knowledge on MSC Nastran or Marc is welcome.
  • Introduction to the Digimat Graphical User Interface
  • Mean-field homogenization theory as well as the material models available in Digimat-MF 
  • Material Database management and automatic calibration of Digimat materials in Digimat-MX
  • Introduction to designing RVE (representation volume element) for various composite microstructures including composites with; multiple reinforcing phases, clustering, and dechesion zones, among others, using Digimat-FE
  • Exporting the RVE into Marc / Nastran to run a finite element analysis of the material and post-processing of the results in Digimat-FE
  • Guided exercises to implement the different procedures presented during the course