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SMX122 - Dynamic Analysis using SimXpert

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SMX122 is an introductory course in vibration simulation using the Structures Workspace in SimXpert. Students will prepare models utilizing imported geometry and geometry created in SimXpert. Students will learn to mesh and manually create elements, to create properties, time and frequency dependent loading, boundary conditions, and simulation conditions. Students will also learn to review results from these models using plots and charts.

4 days
Pre-requisites : 
  • Review systems with different Degrees of Freedom and their approach for solving them
  • Understand the theory of frequency modes with respect to Degrees of Freedom and how to extract eigenvalues
  • Investigate the effects of mesh size on frequency results
  • Discuss different types of masses, how they differ, and when to use them
  • Discover Reduction methods available with MSC Nastran
  • Discuss Rigid Bodies, Response types, and Damping theory
  • Introduce Modal and Direct Transient Response Analyses
  • Introduce Modal and Direct Frequency Response Analyses
  • Discuss the benefits of the Residual Vector Method
  • Review Enforced Motion and the effect in Transient Analysis
  • Investigate the theories and methods of Complex Modal Analyses
  • Use the large mass method with transient response analysis
  • Use the Effective Mass command to observe the mass participation