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SMX126 - Explicit Nonlinear Analysis using SimXpert

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SMX126 is an introductory course in dynamics simulation using the Explicit Workspace in SimXpert. Students will prepare short duration structural dynamics models utilizing the imported MSC Nastran finite element models. Students will learn how to create and/or modify material and part properties, loads, and boundary and initial conditions for dynamic simulation models. They will also learn how to set up the jobs for running the models with the Explicit solver, and review the results for these models using State Plot and Chart.

3 days
Pre-requisites : 
No prior familiarity with SimXpert is required.
  • Overview of Explicit Dynamic Analysis in SimXpert
  • Overview of SimXpert
  • Theory, briefly
  • Import of MSC Nastran models into SimXpert
  • Parts in SimXpert Explicit workspace
  • Material Models for Explicit Dynamic Analysis
  • Elements in Explicit
  • Loads and Boundary Conditions
  • Contact Bodies and Contact Properties
  • Initial Conditions
  • Selection of Time Steps
  • Explicit Analysis set-up, including nonlinear parameters
  • Display of Explicit Analysis Results
  • Hands on Workshops