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ADM702 - Fundamentals of Multibody Dynamics Analysis with Adams

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This course is intended for users who need a basic understanding of Adams/Solver and Adams/View. This course is a pre-requisite for Adams/Car and/or Adams/Chassis training classes. Presented in the class are all of the basics of building models in Adams/View (PARTs, JOINTs, MOTIONs, forces, function expressions, simulation types), running simulations with Adams/Solver and simple plotting with Adams/PostProcessor. Users who intend to do moderate model creation/optimization in either Adams/View or Adams/Car Template Builder are strongly encouraged to take the 5-day ADM701 Complete Multibody Dynamics Analysis with Adams class instead of this one.
2 Days
Pre-requisites : 
  • Building models without a pre-processor
    • Adams dataset structure (.adm)
      • Statements
      • Functions
    • Connecting parts with:
      • Ideal constraints (hinges, sliders, etc.)
      • Flexible connectors (springs, dampers, etc.)
      • Complex forces based on system states or test data
      • Contacts using IMPACT function
    • Actuating a system with:
      • Motions
      • Applied forces
      • Gravity
    • Measuring quantities of interest
      • Displacements
      • Velocities
      • Accelerations
      • Forces
  • Simulating models in Adams/Solver
    • Adams command files (.acf)
    • Compare/contrast simulation types
      • Dynamic
      • Kinematic
      • Quasi-static
      • Static
  • Reviewing results using the Adams/PostProcessor
    • Plotting/Animating(.msg)
    • Message Files (.msg)
    • Analysis Files (.gra, .res, .req, .out)