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NAS123 - Implicit Nonlinear Analysis using MSC Nastran (SOL600)

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This seminar presents how to perform implicit nonlinear analysis using MSC Nastran SOL600. MSC Nastran SOL600 is the nonlinear capabilities of Marc delivered in an MSC Nastran user interface. SOL600 provides FEA capability for the analysis of 3D contact and highly nonlinear problems.

3 days
Pre-requisites : 
NAS101A (Linear Static and Normal Modes Analysis using MSC Nastran), NAS101B (Advanced Linear Analysis using MSC Nastran) or equivalent is recommended.
  • Overview of Nonlinear Analysis Using MSC Nastran SOL600
  • Numerical Concepts in Nonlinear Analysis
  • Element Library, Mesh Considerations, and Analysis Procedures
  • Analysis Setup and the Analysis Form
  • Analysis Setup for Non-Patran Users
  • Introduction to Choice of Elements
  • Choice of Element Integration
  • Materials
  • Overview and Contact Body Interactions
  • Contact Body Definition
  • Resolving Convergence Problems
  • Buckling and Post-buckling Analysis
  • Structural Dynamics