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DYT103 - Introduction to Airbag Analysis and Occupant Safety using Dytran

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In this course we will discuss the steps to perform an Occupant Safety Analysis. Some of the topics to be covered are: discussion on the input cards needed, modeling of an airbag, self contact, inflator, holes, permeability and heat losses. Patran will be used to position a Dummy, define contact between Dummy and airbag and contact between Dummy and seat belt. Several workshops are used to illustrate these techniques, followed by discussion of the results for a more thorough understanding of the problems analyzed.

2 Days
Pre-requisites : 
Basic knowledge of the Dytran software is required. Basic knowledge of Patran and the Dytran Preference is required. Basic knowledge of Occupant Safety is not required but will be beneficial.

Air bag Modelling in Uniform Pressure and CFD coding
Definition of holes, permeability, heat loss, inflator characteristics and mixture of gases
Air bag Self Contact
ATB Dummy Positioning
Occupant Dummy Air Bag Interaction