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SMM111 - Introduction to the SimManager Automotive Solution

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This course covers the simulation automation capabilities of SimManager Automotive Solution. Participants will perform typical simulation and data management tasks performed by automotive analysts in SimManager Automotive Solution.

The "Import" action will be used to create a wide variety of SimManager objects and optionally perform a simulation. Students will then run the “Simulate” action consisting of the following steps: Solve, Post Process, and Reports. Complex actions are performed, such as “Import and Simulate”, in which the tasks of "Import" and "Simulate" are combined into one seamless operation.

Participants will utilize “Assemble and Simulate” to select a set of component models, then assemble them into a run-ready input deck, and perform a simulation. They will understand how to create and use a Product Structure Definition to define the templates for model assemblies and simulations. Students will utilize “Simulation Generator” to manage a complete set of simulations involving multiple load cases and possibly different model content and/or format.

Students will understand how SimManager Automotive Solution automatically stores simulation data and creates SimManager objects. They will learn how to traverse the object hierarchy and find simulation data. They will use the comparison and report tools to compare simulation data and automatically create comparison reports.

2 days
Pre-requisites : 
SMM101 (Introduction to SimManager). Recommended: SMM102 (SimManager Basic Configuration).
  • Import/export
  • Set-up
  • Simulate Overview
  • Solve
  • Post-processing
  • Reports
  • Import and Simulate
  • Assemble and Simulate
  • Compare tools
  • Simulation Generator