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ACT140 - Launch Acoustics with Actran

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Actran is a finite element tool for vibro acoustic and aero acoustic simulation. This class covers the application of Actran to spacecraft launch acoustics, where an engineer can address the low and mid-frequency range, a concept which is usually not feasible with traditional boundary element solvers. Actran models can be larger, will fun faster, and can be set up to reach higher maximum frequencies than other tools commonly used for this application.

3 days
Pre-requisites : 
Engineering degree, Interest in launch acoustics

Course topics include the use of the user interface, Actran VI, plus understanding and using the Actran Acoustics and Actran Vibro Acoustics modules, with specific focus on the acoustic effect on the spacecraft resulting from a Turbulent Boundary Layer or Diffuse Sound Field excitation. Outputs will include both structural and acoustic quantities.

This is a hands-on class with exercises to illustrate the concepts of each section. Upon completing this class, students should be capable of immediately using Actran on their production problems