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APX120 - Linear Static and Normal Modes Analysis using MSC Apex

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This course serves as the introduction to finite element analysis. It includes discussion of basic features available in MSC Apex for solving structural engineering problems. In this course, all necessary databases are provided in order for you to try hands-on demonstration and perform workshops. Upon conclusion of the course, the student will be familiar with fundamental usage of MSC Apex.

3 Days
Pre-requisites : 
  • Basics of Finite element analysis
  • Purpose Driven Finite Element Analysis using MSC Apex
  • 2.5D meshing
  • Loads and Boundary Conditions in MSC Apex
  • Interaction Tools in MSC Apex 
  • Model Checks in MSC Apex
  • Normal Modes Analysis in MSC Apex
  • Buckling Analysis in MSC Apex 
  • Frequency Response in MSC Apex
  • Post-processing in MSC Apex