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EAS107 - Modeling and Simulation of Multi-Phase Fluids using Easy5

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This course will provide the student with an understanding of how to model closed-loop, multi-phase systems using EASY5. Applications include HVAC, environmental controls, and refrigeration. The governing physical principles and the corresponding equations of state will be presented as well as a detailed example model.

2 days
Pre-requisites : 
EAS101 (Introduction to Dynamic System Modeling and Simulation using Easy5) or equivalent experience
  • Overview of the Mulitphase (VC) library
  • Governing dynamic equations
  • Phase and phase change modeling
  • Orifice flow
  • Using published fluid data tables


Workshops include:

1. Refrigerant line

2. Adding a compressor

3. Modeling a condenser and expansion valve

4. Adding an evaporator

5. Closing the refrigerant loop

6. Adding EEV control

7. Heat exchange to the environment

8. Calculating COP and a stable closed-loop operating point

9. Thermostatic control and realistic environmental conditions

10. Generating custom fluid properties for the Multiphase library