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SMX132 - SimXpert Scripting

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In this course students will learn to write scripts in the Python scripting language. They will create their own custom Template Builder actions. They will learn to use classes and functions in the SimXpert Application Programming Interface (API) to access, modify, and create objects in the SimXpert database. After completing this course students will understand the SimXpert data model and the major classes in the API and be able to navigate the API documentation to find the appropriate classes and functions for their particular purpose. They will know how to modify the SimXpert menus and tool ribbon to display custom actions and scripts. They will create and use Expressions to populate input fields by invoking an external action.

3 days
Pre-requisites : 
SMX131 (SimXpert Templates) is recommended before taking SMX132. SMX132 (SimXpert Scripting) is a course for advanced users with a programming background. Knowledge of Python is helpful.
  • Overview of Python scripting language
  • Review / overview of the Template Builder workspace
  • Using Script Editor and Debugger tool
  • Programming approaches
  • Using the SimXpert Application Programming Interface (API) to obtain data from a model and to create and modify entities
    • Graphics objects
    • Finite element modeling
    • Materials and Properties API
    • Loads and Boundary Conditions API
    • Geometry
    • Analysis Setup and Submittal
    • Results post-processing
    • Parts, Groups, and Sets
  • Different ways to invoke Actions in SimXpert
  • Creating and using Expressions
  • Creating and using Custom Attributes