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SMX124 - Thermal Analysis (SOL400) using SimXpert

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SMX124 is an introductory course in heat transfer simulation using the Structural Workspace in SimXpert.  Students will prepare thermal models utilizing imported MSC Nastran finite element models, geometry created in SimXpert, and hex mesh created by sweeping quad elements.  Students will learn how to create a temperature constraint, thermal heat flux LBC, internal heat generation LBC, free convection LBC, radiation to space LBC, radiation enclosure, variable direction solar LBC, and transient thermal result. Students will also learn to review thermal results for these thermal models using State Plot and Chart.

3 days
Pre-requisites : 
No prior familiarity with SimXpert is required.
  • Overview of thermal analysis in SimXpert
  • Topics on conduction
    • Theory, briefly
    • Creation of 1D, 2D, and 3D elements
    • Material for conduction
    • Temperature constraint
    • Initialization temperature
    • Loading: heat flux, and volumetric heat
  • Analysis set-up for steady state analysis, including nonlinear parameters
  • Display of steady state results
  • Topics on convection
    • Theory, briefly
    • Free convection
  • Topics on transient analysis
    • Transient temperature constraint
    • Transient loading
    • Transient convection
    • Initialization temperature
    • Transient analysis set-up, including nonlinear parameters
    • Display of transient results
  • Topics on radiation
    • Theory, briefly
    • Radiation to space
    • Radiation enclosures
    • Vector flux from a distant source
  • Thermal analysis theory
    • In more depth
    • Nonlinear parameters
    • Recommendations
  • Import of MSC Nastran models into SimXpert
  • Import of CAD models into SimXpert
  • Parts in SimXpert