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CRA105 - User-Defined Function (UDF) with SC/Tetra

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This seminar will introduce the use of User Functions to extend the functionality of the SC/Tetra CFD software. The general steps involved in preparing dynamic link libraries for the Windows O/S, using Visual Studio, will be explained initially. This will be followed by hands-on examples that will include programming and compiling User Functions, as well as executing SC/Tetra simulations that utilize the sample User Functions. The preparation of shared library User Functions for the Linux environment will also be covered.

2 Days
Pre-requisites : 
1. Introduction to User Functions in SC/Tetra
2. Generation of DLL User Function for Windows O/S with Visual Studio
3. Ex. 1: Particle release from a moving nozzle
4. Ex. 2: Temperature and heat transfer in a piston
5. Ex. 3: Spatial variation of body forces
6. Generation of shared library User Function for Linux O/S using C compiler