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ADM741 - Vehicle Modeling and Simulation using Adams/Driveline

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This course is intended for users who need to create assemblies of suspensions and full vehicles, including driveline components, and then analyze them to understand their performance and behavior. Presented in the class are all of the basics of building models in Adams/Driveline (engine, gearbox, prop shafts, and differentials), running simulations and simple plotting with Adams/PostProcessor.
1 Day
Pre-requisites : 
ADM740 - Vehicle Modeling and Simulation using Adams/Car
  • Understanding features of Adams Driveline
  • Modeling Components in Adams Driveline
    • Understanding different components- Gear Forces, Gear Pairs, Gearbox Assembly, Gearbox Assembly, Gearbox Assembly, Differential , Differential-Limited Slip Diff, Torque Converter, Flexible Connection Components, other Modeling Components
    • Exercise on Modeling Gearbox and Driveline components 
  • Driveline Analysis
    • Driveline Analyses – Understanding different analyses in Adams /Driveline
    • Setting up Initial-Velocity Analysis
    • Specific Test analysis – Running analyses and Post-processing and investigating results in Adams/Post-Processor
  • Full Vehicle Analysis
    • Communicators - setup the powertrain/driveline model for a full vehicle
    • Preparation for Quasi-Statics- understanding requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to support Quasi-Static setup analysis
    • Performing full vehicle analysis
    • Post-processing and investigating results in Adams/Post-Processor