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MSC Nastran Advanced Nonlinear Analysis

Simulate Reality with Robust Nonlinear Analysis

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The investigation and simulation of nonlinear structural behavior has been mostly consigned to specialists in product development teams. However, with the rise in the use of newer elastomers, plastics, and metals that exhibit nonlinear response in product designs, it is imperative for this valuable solution to be available to all members of design and analysis teams.

The MSC Nastran Advanced Nonlinear module provides the advanced technology to address the biggest pain points involving advanced materials, complex interaction between various components, and large deformations. With the added benefit of a single solver, which helps in reducing training effort, engineers will achieve higher productivity by being able to move between linear and nonlinear analysis domains as needed, with ease.

The MSC Nastran Advanced Nonlinear module delivers a highly comprehensive set of capabilities allowing users to:

  • Solve problems with any or all of the nonlinearities (material, contact, geometric)
  • Perform nonlinear static, modal, buckling, and transient dynamic structural analyses
  • Conduct linear perturbation analysis based on the nonlinearly deformed state
  • Perform steady state and transient nonlinear heat transfer analysis
  • Conduct coupled and uncoupled thermal-structural analyses
  • Analyze damage and failure of composites and other nonlinear materials
  • Use fracture mechanics capabilities like VCCT crack propagation and cohesive zone interface to conduct product safety studies

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