The fatigue solution that makes the impossible possible
CAEfatigue radically changes the available capabilities that companies can use to do Frequency Domain analysis for random response, durability and fatigue.
Ford Motor Company
Spot and seam weld fatigue analysis is critical to an automobile’s long-term durability. Learn how Ford Motor Company applied a new and unique Frequency Domain approach for spot welds. Presented at NAFEMS World Congress 2019
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
A new simulation technique developed in partnership between FCA & CAEfatigue Ltd. allows for a simplified duty cycle on the lower control arm, resulting in a better long-term design. Click here to learn more
CAEfatigue helps OHB SE develop new satellite payload designs by utilizing next-generation collision detection technology, which is calculated during the random dynamics analysis. Presented at NWC 2017
Navistar, Inc.
Solver-Embedded Fatigue
Learn how Navistar used CAEfatigue to successfully combine the two separate tasks of stress analysis and secondary fatigue analysis into one solver-embedded fatigue analysis task. Presented at 2014’s SAE International Conference
Hero Motor Corp.
Learn how Hero uses CAEfatigue to simulate and predict proving ground testing loads of next generation motorcycles

CAEfatigue TIME Package

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Time Domain Fatigue Analysis
CAEfatigue is designed to provide basic fatigue analysis tools for the linear static superposition approach, the modal participation factor approach and the direct stress recovery method. This TIME package is intended to provide a vast improvement in the analysis process for conventional static superposition analysis, modal participation factor (dynamic transient) analysis and direct stress recovery analysis. The TIME package uses state of the art software development tools and algorithms to deliver a fatigue solver with superior speed and accuracy. Coupling time domain tools with frequency domain tools provides Customers with a complete time and frequency domain analysis package that surpasses the performance and accuracy needs of our users.

Load Scheduler Toolset
CAEfatigue provide a Load Scheduler toolset that allows the User to create unique time based loading profiles from a simple deterministic time signal channel to complicated multi-event, multi-channel loading sequences. Existing RPC, CSV, DAC files can be manipulated / augmented and exported as unique loading event sets.

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