ODYSSEE accelerates product design and development via real-time parametric simulations with optimization, machine learning and AI tools


Access CAE design space exploration to broaden your horizons

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ODYSSEE CAE is a unique and powerful CAE-centric innovation platform that allows engineers to apply Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Reduced Order Modelling (ROM) and Design Optimization to workflows. It allows you to benefit from modern data science technology by creating cost efficient digital twins through real-time predictive modeling and optimization for both CAE simulation data and physical test data.

ODYSSEE A-Eye is a unique and powerful image-based machine learning solution that accelerates product design and development via real-time parametric simulation and optimization using machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. ODYSSEE A-Eye allows you to create your own AI application based on image data, sensor data, scalars, labels, curves, and CAD data as inputs and then predicts responses using the known data of your system. This insight enables designers and production technicians to explore the design space more extensively and interactively and improve next-generation products without prohibitive computing cost or time.

ODYSSEE includes:

  • Machine Learning & AI
  • Statistics, Data Mining, Data Fusion
  • Optimization and Robustness
  • Process Discovery
  • Image Recognition and Compression

ODYSSEE – Optimal Decision Support System for Engineering and Expertise

Key aspects of ODYSSEE:

Intelligent DOE and Automation parser

  • Adapted DOE tool
  • Quality of DOE evaluation
  • Automatic pre/post-processing
  • Best method for your application

Real-time computing

  • Zero-computing effort for parametric studies and optimization
  • Corridor / Population generation

Software and physics independent

  • Works with Structural, Thermal, CFD, Acoustics (MSC Nastran, Marc, Adams, Cradle CFD, Actran)

Precision & completeness

  • Full time history output (not only scalars)
  • Physical domain decomposition and not fitting (it is NOT a Response Surface Method!)

Can produce 3D animations

  • No interpolations but reconstructions
  • Stress/displacement iso value reconstruction

Reduces CAE computing effort

  • Allows for a few, wisely selected sampling points
  • Adaptive learning that allows you to improve as you learn

Fault Prediction and Characterization

  • Vertical application to prevent defects before they appear
  • finding links between process parameters and defects
  • Identifies defects via image recognition or sensor data

Image based learning and prediction

  • Prediction and optimization


Simulation in Real Time

  • With ODYSSEE, you can manage the main steps of your project in real time with parametric design and optimization based on very few simulations
    • Concept Design: Parametric Studies, Trial and error
    • Detailed Modeling: Optimization, Model Fitting
    • Validation: Reliability Studies, Robustness
  • With ODYSSEE, you can reach your strategic challenges
    • Reduce Time: Real time simulations and optimization reduce design time
    • Reduce Costs: optimize the design space to reduce costly delays
    • Protect the planet: Predict any simulation based on a few simulations
  • ODYSSEE provides off-the-shelf solutions for:
    • Real-Time predictive modeling and optimization
    • Image compression, identification, learning, and prediction
    • Fault prediction and characterization through sensor data

The benefits of ODYSSEE will interest your entire organization:

  • Engineering project managers
  • CAE engineering departments
  • VP of Engineering
  • Purchasing and procurement

For general and product specific platform support, please visit our Platform Support page.