Cradle CFD Student Edition

Download a FREE Student Edition of Cradle CFD on your personal desktop

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New Generation CFD software with Multiphysics and General Purpose Capabilities

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Fastest and Easiest CFD software for Electronics and Architecture

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How to Register

  1. Ensure your personal machine meets the following requirements:
    • Operating system:64-bit Windows 10 ,64-bit windows 11 operating systems
    • Graphics device: Graphics card that supports OpenGL
  2. Register here
  3. Receive approval in 1 week and download

Note, the Cradle CFD Student Edition is designed for small, academic simulations only. Therefore, the following limitations are applied:

  • No more than 1 million elements
  • No more than 1000 particles for Discrete Element Method
  • The maximum degree of parallelism is 2
  • Hybrid parallelism of scFLOW is unavailable

Download the Student Edition

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