Smart Manufacturing Virtual Open House – Additive Manufacturing – Smart Additive Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing Virtual Open House – Empowering Smart Manufacturing through connecting the virtual and physical worlds

Sound Attenuation Prediction of High Speed Railway Sound Barrier with Actran

Enhance Wind Turbine Driveline and System Performance with CAE Simulation

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Acoustics TechWeek Day 4 - Duct Acoustics

Acoustics TechWeek Day 2 - Acoustic Radiation

Acoustics TechWeek Day 1 - Industrial Context & Challenges

SimAcademy Webinar Archive: Simulating with FMI Interface

This session of SimAcademy will examine the application of Adams/Controls using FMI interface. The model exchange and co-simulation modes will then be discussed with tips, tricks and recommendations.

Virtual Optimization of Suspension Parameters using Adams Car and pSeven

Acoustics TechWeek Day 3 - Acoustic Transparency Calculation

AI/ML based trimmed body NTF & global modes prediction & optimization using ODYSSEE CAE

AI/ML-based prediction of crash parameters using ODYSSEE CAE

World Class Ride & Comfort with Rubber to Metal Bonded Components Designed using Marc’s Advanced Non-linear FEA Solutions

Structural Design, Analysis, and Testing of a 10 kW Fabric-Covered Wind Turbine Blade