Sovitec - Material Design for Particle Reinforced Polyamide

Rhodia - Impact on a beam

Dupont - Stiffness of a Bracket in Reinforced PBT

Bime - Damage Behavior of Highly Porous Ceramics

Optimization Analysis Using Adams and HEEDS

Adams - Produkt des Jahres (KEM)

Simulation of the noise radiated by a vibrating structure with Actran

Noise radiation by vibrating structures is an important factor of consideration in design of products like gearbox, engines, and electronic devices. Simulation helps users better understand the noise radiation into the environment, so that their acoustic performance can be improved and noise pollution reduced, along with improving the product life. This webinar will provide an overview of acoustic radiation analysis capabilities of Actran, a pioneering acoustic simulation solution from FFT, an MSC Software Company. The webinar includes a demo with an introduction to modeling and post-processing capabilities of Actran, including computation of sound pressure level, sound power level, structure panel contribution factor, and structure element contribution.

Armor Increases Machine Productivity by 20% with MSC Software’s Adams and Easy5 Simulations

Simulating manufacturing processes

Manufacturing processes are used to form materials into desired shapes to meet required design criteria and assemble components into final product. Because of multiple variables that could affect the process, identifying optimal parameters by empirical methods or experience can introduce severe uncertainty in the performance of the end designs. Simulation helps address these issues early in the design cycle to more effectively identify problems and reduce failures. Marc, with its strengths in nonlinear and failure analysis, is a strong solution to simulate various manufacturing processes. An overview of Marc's capabilities that help with overcoming the challenges of these highly nonlinear processes is provided in this presentation.

CAD Digest: MSC Software Offers e-Xstream Materials Engineering

Dynamic Solutions for Transmission Systems

For the first half of this webinar, we’ll be introducing the different modules in Adams/Machinery: Gears, Belts, Chains and Bearings. There will also be a live demo showing how easy it is to create a Gear pair and a chain-sprocket system that can be used in a transmission system. For the second half of the webinar, we’ll introduce the Adams Gear AT and Bearing AT toolkits. These are other Adams solutions focusing on the detailed FEA integration for those mechanical components. At the end, there will be another transmission model demonstration showcasing its capabilities.

Accelerate your High Performance Computing with MSC Nastran / FEA

MSC Software, with its proven capabilities to solve large assembly models, has always focused on making the best of the computational resources available to users. The performance improvements in the solver technology can be seen in the efficiency of solvers, shared and distributed memory parallel processing, and the most recent implementation of GPU based parallel processing. Various technologies available in MSC Nastran to provide a truly high performance solution are discussed in this presentation.

Marc Product Information & Documentation

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GPU Computing Accelerates Simulation Performance for MSC Nastran Users