MSC Nastran/Seismic Analysis Services Toolkit

AdWiMo Services Toolkit

Adams/Cable Services Toolkit

Delivers a graphical user interface (GUI) to model cable and pully systems.

Adams/Leafspring Services Toolkit

Provides easy modeling and simulation of beam based 3D models of leaf springs.

Adams/Gear Advanced Technology Services Toolkit

Adams/Gear Generator Services Toolkit

Environment for easy creation of gear forces and gear geometry.

Adams/Bearing Services Toolkit

MSC Software Global Engineering Services Brochure

TI Automotive - Focus on design simulation

John Deere - Durability Analysis

NASA Glenn Research Center - Rotor Dynamics Simulation

Lego - Engineers Stretch Their Own Creativity

Bombardier Transportation - Passenger and Fright Rail

Fimtextile - Complex Kinematic Simulation in the Textile Industry

Pilatus Aircraft - Bring New Turboprop Aircraft to Market Faster