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Marc 2014 Release Highlights

Ford Leverages Adams FMI Co-Simulation Method to Optimize Tradeoff between Fuel Economy and NVH

SimAcademy Webinar Archive: Marc Global-Local Analysis

Local variations, such as geometry changes and mesh refinement, usually need a complete re-analysis of the model. If the changes have a negligible influence on the solution sufficiently far away from the changed region, only a local part can be analyzed using a global-local analysis, which is also called structural zooming. Marc structural zooming capability automates the global-local analysis to achieve a better resolution in local area where stress gradient is high or mesh has to be changed from shell to solid. In the Marc 2010 version, the global-local analysis has been expanded to allow global remeshing.

SimAcademy Webinar Archive: Adams - Vibration Analysis of Full Dynamic Systems

The study of vibration problems of full dynamic systems can be accomplished in different ways. MSC/MD_ADAMS Vibration is one of them; a system is linearized at a selected operating point and a forced vibration analysis is executed to determine the frequency content of the full system and the main vibration modes that are prevalent on the vibration problem being studied.

Entwicklung weltweit größter Gezeitenturbine (konstruktionspraxis)

SAE Off Highway: Designing Products with Better Acoustic Quality

Newsletter July 2014

Virtual Test Solutions for Aircraft Equipment & Systems

Quick as Lightning - MSC Software supports 'Team Fast Forest' from Deggendorf

Attraktiver Anreiz - Simulation Verpackungstechnik (KEM)

Formula Student - Team Fast Forest

Minimales Gewicht mit maximaler Steifigkeit (AUTOCAD)