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SimAcademy Webinar Archive: Body-to-Body Contact Checkout Tools

Body-to-body contact for linear statics has been available for all users since MSC Nastran 2012. Body-to-body contact is a convenient step up from grid-to-grid contact and while simple to define, it isn’t always simple to debug when things get more complicated. This presentation will discuss tools that aid in the understanding of what is going on within the contact routine (f06 file diagnostics) along with graphical means of verifying the contact is as it should be (using Patran). Particular emphasis will be on Permanent Glued Contact, which is commonly used to tie dissimilar meshes together.

SimAcademy Webinar Archive: Adams/Solver Integrator Settings - Achieving Robust, Converged Solution

Many ADAMS users never alter the integrator settings for the Solver from default values. For basic mechanisms the defaults work well; for more challenging models (e.g., contacts, flexible bodies from FEA) there are better settings. Development of new and expanded integration/convergence schemes has been accelerating in recent years. This presentation will give a background on how Adams integrators work, what choices a user can make, how settings can be changed to improve accuracy/convergence, and more.

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