Simulação de mecanismos de máquinas com alta fidelidade e praticidade (This webinar is in Portuguese)

Model and Analyze Serpentine Belt System in Adams

All-new Simulation Solution for Machinery - Powered by Adams

Vibration-based Fault Detection of Two-stage Planetary Gear in Transmission Systems

Model and Analyze Gear Train Systems

Optimization Analysis Using Adams and HEEDS

Dynamic Solutions for Transmission Systems

For the first half of this webinar, we’ll be introducing the different modules in Adams/Machinery: Gears, Belts, Chains and Bearings. There will also be a live demo showing how easy it is to create a Gear pair and a chain-sprocket system that can be used in a transmission system. For the second half of the webinar, we’ll introduce the Adams Gear AT and Bearing AT toolkits. These are other Adams solutions focusing on the detailed FEA integration for those mechanical components. At the end, there will be another transmission model demonstration showcasing its capabilities.

Introducing Adams 2013

Introducing Adams Machinery