Highlight Reel - MSC Apex 2020 Feature Pack 1 Release

Highlight Reel - MSC Apex 2020 Release

Efficient model set up for pre-stress analysis of bolted powertrain components

Next level of topology optimization with AI, intelligent smoothing, and automation in modelling process for industry 4.0

Leveraging CFD Simulations in Healthcare

High Frequency Noise and Vibration Simulation by SEA method

Complex Pumps & Valves simulated through advanced CFD techniques

Improve Exhaust System Performance by 3D Simulation

What's New in MSC Apex 2020 Feature Pack 1

Retrofit of FPSO marine vessel by modification of large FEA models In MSC Apex

What's New in MSC Apex Jaguar?

Enabling Unique Reverse Engineering Workflow and Better Nastran Interoperability with MSC Apex Feature Pack 2

HDF5 for FEA: A Standard for High Performance and Enterprise Integration

Achieve Highly-Efficient Conceptual Design of Aero-Structures with MSC Apex

Achieve 10x Productivity Enhancement in Pre/Post-processing for MSC Nastran Using MSC Apex in Automotive Structures