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Engineering Reality Magazine
Winter 2019 Issue of MSC Software's Engineering Reality Magazine digs into how CAE simulation will help solve our world's sustainability challenges.
New Cradle Software makes Complex Multi-Physics Simulation Realistic for Anyone
Cradle CFD V2020 introduces advanced capabilities to make aero-acoustics, electrical heat mapping and fluid-particle analyses more accurate
Whitepaper: The Seven Pillars of Highly Productive CAE Simulation
Experience the Next-Generation Simulation Platform
Immersive Reality at our Pune Customer Experience Center
Test Drive your Experience
Whitepaper: Debunking the Five Myths of Multibody Dynamics Simulation
Reevaluate the use of MBD in your design process
Making Smart Factory Design Even Smarter
Paolo Guglielmini, CEO MSC Software, discusses how design and engineering is supporting the Smart Factory
Hexagon acquires AMendate to shape the generative design market
New technology enables MSC Software to significantly decrease time-to-print for Additive Manufacturing
The Smart Factory
Today's manufacturers are looking for smarter ways to improve quality and productivity. See how Hexagon is enabling the Smart Factory.
Co-Simulation - where Multiphysics gets Real
Raising the bar for CAE accuracy, precision & performance