NAS102B - Advanced Dynamic Analysis by Mohan Barbela using MSC Nastran

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In this class, you will be exposed to various aspects of dynamic analysis using MSC Nastran. This includes frequency and transient response, residual vectors, inertia relief, random vibration, shock spectrum analysis, and similar topics.
3 Days
Pre-requisites : 
NAS101A (Linear Static and Normal Modes Analysis using MSC Nastran), NAS101B (Advanced Linear Analysis using MSC Nastran), and NAS102A (Dynamic Analysis using MSC Nastran); or equivalent
Day 1
Part A: MSC Nastran overview
  • MSC Nastran Modeling and quality checks
  • Output requests & F06 examples
  • MSC Nastran Elements and general usage guidelines
Part B: Introduction to Dynamics
  • Normal Modes
  • Damping
  • Residual Vectors
  • Inertia Relief
Day 2
Part A: Frequency Response and Transient Response
  • Direct and Modal Frequency Response Analysis
  • Direct and Modal Transient Analysis
  • Outputs and Stress concepts in Dynamics
Part B: Hands-on solved examples
  • Hands-on Workshop on Normal Modes
  • Hands-on Workshop on Frequency response
  • Hands-on Workshop on Transient Analysis
Day 3
Part A: Random and Shock Spectrum Analyses
  • Random Vibration
  • Shock Spectrum Analysis
  • Examples
  • Composite ply stress recovery under frequency response and random vibration
Part B: Q&A