NAS107 - Design Sensitivity and Optimization using MSC Nastran

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4 Days
Pre-requisites : 
NAS101 (Linear Static and Normal Modes Analysis using MSC Nastran) or equivalent experience

MSC Nastran features a comprehensive design sensitivity and optimization capability. It is possible to design for a variety of user-defined objectives such as minimum weight or maximum frequency. This training covers the theoretical and practical aspects of MSC Nastran design sensitivity and optimization. The capabilities of the program, including typical applications, are covered in detail. The concept of a design model is introduced. The process of optimizing a structure is discussed from initial modeling to interpretation of results.

Day 1-(3.5 hrs)

  • Introduction to  Optimization
       o What is Design Optimization
       o Basic concept 
       o Analysis types in optimization 
       o Types of optimization analysis
  • Basic cards and General Setup of Optimization
       o Understand basic set up of optimization.
       o Analysis model and Design model
       o Optimization control parameters
       o Patran user interface for optimization set up
  • Sensitivity analysis
       o Introduction
       o What is sensitivity analysis
       o Outputs

Day 2-(3.5 hrs)

  • Sizing Optimization
       o Understand concept of sizing optimization
       o Problem Definition – sizing optimization
       o Sizing optimization set up in MSC Nastran
       o Sizing optimization Patran user interface
       o Post process sizing optimization result using Patran
       o Example of Sizing optimization
       o Workshop-Sizing optimization
  • Topometry Optimization
       o Concept: Topometry Optimization
       o Features in Topometry Optimization
       o Inputs Stress Constraints for Shell Topometry
       o TOMVAR Entry
       o Parameter DESPCH and DESPCH1
       o Demonstration Example
       o Topometry set up in Patran
       o Stress Constraint for Shell Topometry Optimization


Day 3-(3.5 hrs)

  • Topology Optimization
       o Concept of Topology Optimization
       o Typical Design Cycle
       o Applications
       o Design Responses
       o Manufacturing Constraints
       o Stress Constraint
       o Design Variables
       o Example with Manufacturing Constraint
       o Patran GUI Interface

Day 4-(3.5 hrs)

  • Topography Optimization
       o Introduction – Concept of Topography
       o Application / Benefits
       o Design Variables for Topography
       o BEADVAR Entry
       o Demonstration Example
       o Example Problem - Topography
       o Patran User Interface

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