EAS101 - Dynamic System Modeling and Simulation using Easy5

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This course gives the engineer a basic understanding of the Easy5 modeling, simulation, and analysis environment. Students learn to represent an existing dynamic system on screen using predefined modeling blocks and components, empirical table data, and user-defined Fortran components. Students learn to calculate stable operating points using the Easy5 Steady-State Analysis, and are introduced to fixed- and variable-step integration used during simulation. The class also covers the Easy5 set of linear analyses, including, in part, transfer function calculation, frequency response generation, and root locus analysis.

2 days
Pre-requisites : 
An engineering background, knowledge of FORTRAN, and an understanding of differential equations.
  • Model Building
  • Linear Analysis
  • Analysis Tool and Methodology
  • Simulation and Integration
  • Data Tables and the Matrix Editor
  • Operating Point and Steady State Analysis
  • Easy5 Architecture
  • Writing Code in Easy5