ADM750 - Gear, Belt and Chain Modelling using Adams Machinery

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2 Days
Pre-requisites : 
ADM701 (Complete Multibody Dynamics Analysis with Adams)

This course will help users to build detailed models containing belts, chains or gears with Adams/Machinery.  The user will be comfortable Creating and modifying gear systems, belt systems,Chain systems and more.

Day 1-

  • Introducing the Adams/Machinery Wizard
  • Adams/Machinery Database Structure for Components, Parametric, etc.
  • Creating Gear Systems:
    • Spur, Helical & Bevel Gear Types
    • Simplified, Detailed & 3D Contact Types
  • Creating Belt Systems:
  • Smooth, V-Grooved & Toothed Belts
  • Pulley Types: Standard and Tensioners

Day 2-

  • Creating Chain Drive Systems:
    • Roller and Silent Types
    • Compliance Methods: From Linear to User-Defined
    • Tensioner/Guide Types: Rotational, Fixed and Translational
  • Simulation Speed and Robustness Guidelines for Typical Machinery Systems
  • Actuator Types and System Outputs