NAS133 - Linear Contact Analysis with MSC Nastran

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2 Days
Pre-requisites : 
Nastran basics


  • Become knowledgeable with fundamentals of contact Analysis
  • Get brief Insight into Touch & Glue contacts
  • Addressing convergence issues, debugging and general guidelines
  • Performance improvement in contact analysis 

Day 1-

The first session deals with the introduction to Contact nonlinearity. Contact setup in Nastran linear solutions such as sol101. Sol103 etc. is discussed.

  • What is contact analysis?
  •  Contact body definition
  • Contact detection
  • Contact pairs & contact table
  • Advanced topics on contact
  • Contact output      

Day 2-

The second day session discusses the convergence issues encountered in contact analysis. Performance improvement guidelines are also discussed, and some of the latest updates in contact analysis will be demonstrated.

  • Convergence failure
  • NLSTEP setup
  • Common issues and debugging techniques
  • Automatic contact setup in Nastran