2 Days
Pre-requisites : 
Knowledge of Adams


Automate the process of performing general and customized vehicle simulations. This is taught using built-in tools that allow for the creation of fully parameterized and modularized vehicle models in the Adams/Car environment.


  • Description about user modes and data hierarchy
  • Overview of database hierarchy
  • Learning the concept of subsystems and assemblies
  • Create new suspension and full vehicle models
  • Create user specific events with the Driving Machine
  • Setup suspension and full vehicle simulations
  • How to use handling and durability tire
  • Perform suspension and full vehicle simulations
  • Create plot configuration files
  • Good practice in creating a fully parametric vehicle model
  • Create and modify templates
  • Create and modify different type of parts
  • Learn how to use communicators

Learn how to create new requests within the same subsystem as well as between different subsystems

  • Create and modify different property files
  • Create and modify automotive elements such as spring, dampers, bushings, bumpstop, etc. Overview on how to implement flexible bodies



Day 1-

  • Open and Run an Assembly – General interface overview
  • Templates Vs. Subsystems 
  • Creating and Adjusting Subsystems
  • Running Suspension Analyses
  • Importing CAD Geometry
  • Running Full-Vehicle Analyses – Vehicle Setup
  • How to build templates
  • Getting Information on Communicators


  • Using Flexible bodies in Adams Car
  • Requests
  • Using Adams/Linear with Adams/Car
  • General Actuation Analysis

Comparing behaviour of different tires


Oct 25, 2021 to Oct 28, 2021
Virtual Training