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We all experience physics-related phenomena in our everyday lives, as fluids act in harmony with structures, magnetics, electrics, and all in a myriad of complex ways. As engineers, we seek to understand these phenomena through numerical approximations such as computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations.

Adoption of CFD is being driven by broader recognition of its technical benefits – from predictive insights to product verification and validation – alongside business benefits such as reduced costs, right-first-time designs, higher manufacturing productivity, elimination of waste, reduced product recalls, and reduced time-to-market. Despite these benefits, multi-disciplinary physics CFD simulation still holds a wealth of potential that relatively few industries and companies have fully capitalized on.

This eBook, Smarter Multiphysics CFD, explores the diversity of cutting-edge applications touched by fluids engineering today. It includes compelling case studies from a wealth of sectors, demonstrating the scope and range of applications in which CFD simulation is helping industries and companies innovate.

Download this eBook to:

  • Learn how industrial leaders and technology innovation centers are leveraging CFD solutions to better understand, improve and validate their new designs or enact countermeasures
  • Read how Panasonic, Boostheat, Analog Way, Goldwin, and Stirling Aviation all rely on CFD simulation to meet both their customers' expectations and legislative regulations
  • See why CFD is playing an increasingly significant role in the environmental and sustainability sector, including how Tokai University in Japan used CFD simulation for over a decade to validate the integrity of its competition-winning Trans-Australia solar car designs
  • Discover how engineers at Kindai University are employing CFD solutions to understand the movement of bluefin tuna in our oceans to help preserve and grow fish stocks

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About the authors
Makoto Shibahara is the President and CEO of Software Cradle. He is passionate about delivering quality CFD software that is fast and accurate yet usable by engineers around the world to solve real-world engineering problems.

Jonas Wirgart is the Product Marketing Manager for Software Cradle. He is passionate about Multiphysics-focused CFD and how it will push the frontiers of CFD in this century.

Dr. Keith Hanna is VP Marketing at MSC Software. He is a veteran of the CFD industry with over 30 years of
experience in the CAE, EDA and PLM industries, spanning a wide range of global technical and marketing roles inside Siemens, Mentor Graphics, ANSYS, and Fluent Inc.