Wind Energy​

Innovate and optimize to reduce cost of wind energy production, and avoid potential failure

Webinar Series: Accelerate Wind Energy Revolution with CAE

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As the most widely-used renewable energy source today, wind energy is not just clean and sustainable, it is also cost-effective. In order to further increase its adoption worldwide, advanced engineering technologies need to be applied to reduce cost of energy production and to improve its reliability.

Join us for a unique wind energy webinar series to learn how Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence solutions can help the wind energy industry overcome performance, reliability and lifecycle barriers with our comprehensive set of solutions spanning design & engineering simulation, manufacturing production & inspection, all the way to lifetime scanning & damage tracking.

Webinar Series:

Introduction to Wind Energy challenges and accelerating adoption with CAE simulation & inspection 27 May 2021
Enhance Wind Turbine Driveline and System Performance with CAE Simulation 24 June 2021
Meeting the challenges of inspection and alignment in wind turbine manufacturing 29 July 2021
Optimize Wind Turbine Acoustics through multiphysics CAE analysis 09 September 2021
New Material Engineering for Longer and Lighter Wind Turbine Blades 30 September 2021
Manufacturing process simulation and optimization for Wind Turbines 28 October 2021
Optimize Onshore and Offshore Wind Farm placements with CFD 09 December 2021
Efficient Gear Measurements for Wind Turbine Manufacturing 27 January 2022
Optimising Wind Farm Site Selection with Latest Geospatial Technology 10 March 2022
Enhance Wind Turbine Durability and Reduce Fatigue Failure under extreme Loading  30 June 2022
eBook: Optimising wind turbine design and engineering
How Computer-Aided Engineering simulation and inspection ensures performance, improves reliability and confirms quality

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Whitepaper: You can save the planet with design & engineering simulation
Towards design-for-recyclability and sustainable manufacturing

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