Course # Title
ADM701 Basic Full Simulation
ADM703A+B+C Advanced Adams Solver
ADM710 Flex Body Dynamics and Modal Stress Recovery using Adams
ADM711 Control System Integration with Adams using MATLAB and Easy5
ADM730 Design of Experiments (DOE) and Stochastics (Monte Carlo) Analysis using Adams
ADM740 Vehicle Modelling and Simulation using Adams Car
Cradle Foundational Thermal & Fluid Simulation for Electronics with scStream
MAR101 Marc Introductory Course
MAR102 Marc/Mentat Advanced Course
NAS101A Linear Static & Normal Analysis using MSC Nastran
NAS101B Advanced Linear Analysis using MSC Nastran
NAS102A MSC Nastran Dynamic Basic Analysis
NAS102B Nastran Dynamic Analysis - Advanced
NAS106A Superelement Analysis with MSC Nastran
NAS106B Advanced Substructure Analysis using MSC Nastran - Secondary Superelements
NAS107 Optimisation with MSC Nastran
NAS110 Working with Custom MSC Nastran Solution Sequences using DMAP
NAS120 Linear Structural Analysis with MSC Nastran and Patran
NAS133 Contact Analysis using MSC Nastran and Patran
NAS319A Fatigue & CAE Integration
NAS319B Fatigue & Dynamics - The Reliability of Vibrating Systems
NAS319C Practical Implementation of Fatigue Methods with MSC Nastran, Patran and Other Applications
NAS400 Implicit Nonlinear Analysis using MSC Nastran and Patran
PAT301 Introduction to Patran
PAT302 Advanced use of Patran
PAT325 Composites Analysis using Laminate Modeller
PYT101 Python Programming Language for MSC Applications
PYT102 Python for Adams Engineers
SMX120 SimXpert Linear Static Analysis
SMX121 MSC SimXpert Motion Analysis
SMX126 Introduction to SimXpert MD Explicit Workspace
SMX131+132 SimXpert Templates and Scripting
SMX400 Nonlinear Structural Analysis using SimXpert