SMX121 - MSC SimXpert Motion Analysis

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SMX121 is an introductory course in motion simulation using the Motion Workspace in SimXpert. Students will prepare motion models utilizing CAD geometry in SimXpert. Students will learn to create connections between parts, model contact and friction, model forces, and apply specific motion to parts in order to create motion models. Students will also learn to review motion results from these models using animations and charts. Finally, the course demonstrates the modelling of flexible bodies in a motion simulation through interaction with the SimXpert Structures Workspace.
3 days
Pre-requisites : 
No prior familiarity with SimXpert is required.
  • Take a model through the complete design and analysis cycle
  • Learn graphics manipulation, imaging, and viewing techniques
  • Import of CAD models into SimXpert
  • Parts in SimXpert Motion Workspace
  • Result Animations and Charting Data
  • Connections between motion parts
  • Contact
  • Forces, including spring dampers
  • Applied Motion
  • Flexible Body Simulation with Structures Workspace