Problem: View equivalent Von Mises stress results of Hertz Contact, this is a continuation of workshop analysis of Hertz Contact.

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Download required files here

1) Click on File and choose Close.

2) Click on the Jobs tab then click on New and choose Structural.

3) Click on Element Types.

4) Click on Solid.

5) Choose Quad 11 and then click OK.

6) Then click All Unselected.

7) Make sure that ID Types is selected. Quad 11 elements will show up on the display.

8) Now Click on Close.

1) Click on Properties and choose Plane Strain for Analysis Dimension.

2) Click on Analysis Options and choose Advanced Options. Make sure that Assumed Strain is selected. Then click on OK.

3) Click on Job Results.

4) Select Stress and Equivalent Von Mises Stress.

5) Then click on Custom and then select Displacement. Make sure that Contact Normal Stress is also selected. Then click OK.

6) Click on Initial Loads. For the Boundary Conditions click Clear.

7) Choose and select Sim_X & Fix_Base_Y. Then click OK.

1) Click on Run for the Job. Then click Save Model.

2) Now click on Submit.

3) Click on Open Post File to open the result menu.

4) Choose Deformed Only for the Style under Deformed Shape.

5) Under Scaler Plot choose Contour Bands. Click on Scalar.

6) Now choose Contact Normal Stress Y, and then click OK.

7) Click on the Monitor Result File icon to monitor the result file.

1) Click on Zoom to zoom on the area of interest.

2) Under View menu click on Plot Control....

3) Make sure that the Nodes are checked. Click Redraw, and then click OK.

4) Click on Tools on the main menu and choose Distance. To find the distance, Screen Pick the nodes. As shown, the distance is measured to be 1.089.

1) Under the Results tab, choose Path Plot.

2) Choose Node Path, and Screen Pick as shown on the image below.

3) Then click Add Curves.

4) Click on Add Curve and choose Arc Length.

5) Then choose Comp 11 of Stress.

6) Choose Arc Length.

7) Then choose Comp 22 of Stress.

8) Choose Arc Length.

9) Then choose Comp 33 of Stress.

10) Click OK and then click Fit.