Problem: A 5000 lb load is placed at the center of the radius and center of the thickness of a crane hook with a rectangular cross section: b = 0.75 in. and h = 4 in. Using Patran/MSC Nastran, calculate the stresses at point A and point B.

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1) Click on New from the File menu or from the Default Toolbar.

2) Type the name of the new database as hook then click OK.

3) Click OK on the New Model Preference.

1) First click on the Geometry tab, select Points, and choose XYZ.

2)IType [0 0 0] for the Point Coordinates list, then uncheck Auto Execute and then click Apply. If Auto Execute is checked, then once the Points are entered it will automatically create the point after hitting enter, without the need to click Apply. Becareful if Auto Execute is on and Apply is clicked then a duplicate point will be created.

3) Change the Point Coordinates List to [4 0 0] then click Apply.

4)Now change the Object to Curve then choose the Starting Point List as Point 1 and Ending Point List as Point 2 then click Apply.

1) First lets create another curve using XYZ method. Change the Method to XYZ then change the Vector Coordinates List to <4 0 0>, and change the Orgin Coordinate List to [0 4 0]. Then click Apply since Auto Execute is not turned on.

2) Now change the Object to Surface. The surface will be created using 2 curves, so set the Method to Curve and then choose Curve 2 as the Starting Curve List and choose Curve 1 as the Ending Curve List. Since Auto Execute is on it will automatically generate the surface without the need to click Apply.

1)First change the Object to Solid and the Method to Extrude.

2) Change the Translation Vector to <0 0 0.75> and for Surface List choose Surface 1. The Translation Vector shows that the surface is being extruded 0.75 in the Z direction.

1) Change the Object to Coord and the Method to 3Point.

2) For the Orgin type [-2 0 0], change the Point on Axis 3 to[-2 0 1] and change the Point on Plane 1-3 to [1 0 0].

1) First choose Object as Solid, and Method as Revolve.

2) Choose Coord 1 for the Refer. Coordinate Frame, type Coord 1.3 for the Axis. This means that it is using coordinate 1 with rotation in the 3rd axis. Finally change the Total Angle to -180.0.

3)Choose the Surface Solid 1.5. Solid 1.5 means that the surface is in solid 1 with a surface number 5.

1) First change the Object to Solid, the Method to Primitive and choose the Cylinder.

2)For the Height List type 0.75, the Radius List type 2.0 and for the Thickness List type 0.0.

3) For the Base Center Point List type [-6 0 0], for the Axis List type Coord 0.3, and then click Apply.

1) Set the Action to Edit, Object to Solid and the Method to Boolean.

2) Click on the Add icon, which is to merge 2 solids together. The second icon subtract one solid from another and the thrid icon keeps the intersection of 2 solids.

3) For the Solid List Choose Solid 1:3 then click Apply.

4) Now let change the view to smooth shaded by Right Clicking, choose ViewPort Display and choose Smooth Shaded.