Problem: Create a simulation of simple projectile motion of a ball. Import geometry, create motion parts, and specify part initial conditions.

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Download Required Files Here

1) Click on Motion Workspace.

1) Click Units Manager in the bottom right corner of the main window.

2) Click Standard Units.

3) Select the units of mm, kg, s…

4) Click OK.

5) Click Ok.

1) Go to File choose Import and click on Parasolid.

2) Select the file: sphere.xmt_txt.

3) Click Open.

1) Click on Components and choose Part.

2) Enter “Ball” as the part Name.

3) Click in the geometry field and select the sphere geometry from the tree view.

4) Click apply.

1) Select the Initial Conditions option.

2) Enter 1500 for the Along X Initial Translational Velocity.

3) Enter 3000 for the Along Z Initial Translational Velocity.

4) Click OK.

1) Click on the Simulation tab and choose Simulation.

2) Enter 1 as the End Time.

3) Enter 100 as the Number of Steps.

4) Click the Begin Model Simulation icon.

5) Close the simulation window when the simulation is complete.

1) On the Results tab click on Animation.

2) Click the Play animation button.

3) Click Pause.

4) Set the Current: slider bar all the way to the left (the initial position).

5) Note: The ball will quickly move out of the visible area. Please Zoom Out to have a better display.