Personalized Support

MSC's personalized support network is equipped with global infrastructure and processes which strive to deliver consistent quality support throughout the world.

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Our Team

With support engineers located throughout the world, averaging over 15 years of experience and 1300 man years of CAE experience, our team is structured on a technical competency model across geographies to ensure coverage for all the possible types of issues you may face in utilizing MSC's products.

Multiple Languages

We understand the local requirements and comfort our customers have in explaining their issues in their native language, and therefore support the following languages: English, Japanese, German, French, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian.

Multiple Channels

MSC provides support through phone, Email, and web. With published worldwide access numbers, language-specific Email addresses, and SimCompanion case management portal, users can reach the right technical person to resolve their question or issue as quickly as possible.

Our Process

MSC Technical Support logs all requests, including related activity, in our one global support database. This allows us to audit support activity as-needed, as well as measure/monitor the following process metrics to continually improve or take necessary corrective action:

  Initial Response Time Goal: < 2 hours
The time elapsed between user submission and a personalized initial response from a support engineer, measured in user's business hours.
  Overall Resolution Time Goal: < 2 days
The time elapsed between user submission and complete resolution of request with customer acknowledgement, measured in user's business hours.

To ensure that every request is handled with the utmost professionalism and timeliness, resulting in a positive experience and successful user application of MSC products. The best way for MSC to measure this is based on user feedback!

  Overall Technical Support Quality Survey: > 4.0
All requests result in a survey invitation Email sent to the user soliciting feedback on their support experience, where:
1 = Poor
2 = Below Average
3 = Average
4 = Above Average
5 = Excellent

While we strive for every experience to be positive, negative user feedback requires management to do adequate research and follow-up, and take the most appropriate action to ensure continual improvement in support delivery.