FEA, AFEA, and TFEA provide desktop access to the power and reliability of MSC Nastran, Marc, Sinda, and Patran in budget-friendly packages


Structural, Nonlinear, and Thermal Simulation Packages
FEA, AFEA, and TFEA provide desktop access to the power and reliability of MSC Nastran, Marc, Sinda, and Patran in budget-friendly packages.

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Each package comes with Patran, MSC Software’s popular pre and post processor, and depending on which package you acquire, the Patran environment will be customized according to package. Patran enables you to:

  • Define analysis models for MSC Nastran, Marc and Sinda.
  • Import numerous CAD types including CATIA™, Unigraphics™, Pro/Engineer™, and numerous others.
  • Save time fixing solid geometry with built in Solid Geometry Modeling tools.
  • Use included beam tools to effectively model beam members.
  • Easily mesh surfaces with an advanced surface mesher.
  • Effectively design composites with Patran’s Laminate Modeler.
Please refer to the Patran product page for more information.

FEA Package

The FEA Package offers a cost effective, tightly integrated solution for the needs of engineers, and comes with Patran and MSC Nastran. In addition to the capabilities of Patran, MSC Nastran enables you to:

  • Perform Linear Statics, Buckling, and Dynamic Analysis.
  • Use connectors for system level analysis.
  • Reduce effort meshing with MSC Nastran’s innovative Glued Contact capability.
  • Integrate FE models with MSC Software’s multi body simulation solution Adams.
  • Study steady state and transient thermal scenarios.
  • Effectively optimize with sophisticated optimization tools.
  • Engage in Rotor Dynamic studies.
  • Predict product behavior when subjected to shock with MSC Nastran’s Dynamic Design Analysis Method.
Please refer to the MSC Nastran product page for more information.

AFEA Package

The AFEA package brings the power of MSC Software’s nonlinear solution Marc to the Patran environment. In addition to Patran’s capabilities, Marc enables you to:

  • Accurately model multiple loading scenarios under various environmental conditions.
  • Model a broad range of materials, including metals, shape memory alloys, wood, plastics, rubbers, glass, concrete, powder metals and more.
  • Simulate processes such as welding, curing, and forming with Marc's multiphysics capabilities.
  • Easily set up contact scenarios and use the intelligence of Marc's algorithms to effectively analyze product performance.
  • Predict the failure of your designs up to failure.
Please refer to the Marc product page for more information.

TFEA Package

The TFEA package couples the power and flexibility of the Sinda thermal analysis solver with Patran for a cost-effective, fully integrated thermal analysis tool designed for thermal engineers. In addition to Sinda’s Capabilities, Sinda enables you to:

  • Build models using a resistance-capacitance network approach.
  • Study the impact of material properties, boundary conditions, and other design parameter on thermal performance.
  • Use SindaRad for view factor radiation studies.
  • Integrate with other thermal analysis tools including NEVADA, Thermica, TSS, and TRASYS, along with support for thermal distortion and thermal stress analysis by passing temperatures to a structural model.
Please refer to the Sinda product page for more information.

For general and product specific platform support, please visit our Platform Support page.