PAT318A - Basic Durability and Fatigue Life Analysis Using MSC Fatigue

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This course introduces methods for evaluation and estimation of fatigue life using MSC Fatigue. Various approaches for extending the useful life of a design are discussed. In addition, design optimization based on a uniform life concept, and selection and evaluation of material surface finish and treatments, will also be covered.

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Pre-requisites : 
Knowledge of engineering fundamentals, strength of materials, and machine design.
  • Overview of Durability and Fatigue Life Analysis
  • Overview of Fatigue
  • MSC Fatigue User Interface
  • Stress-Life (S-N) Method
  • Strain-Life (E-N) Method
  • Vibration Fatigue
  • Multiple S-N Mean Stress Curves
  • Temperature Corrected Fatigue
  • Aerospace Spectrum File Support
  • Duty Cycle Analyzer
  • Running in Batch Mode