PAT325 - Composite Laminate Modeling using Patran

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This seminar shows outlines of composites materials theory and the integration between FEM and composites materials. Illustrate the basic functions of Patran Laminate Modeler and Composite design in MSC Nastran. Engineers and material scientists involved in the design, analysis and manufacture of composite components and structures would benefit from this seminar.

2 days
Pre-requisites : 
A degree in engineering, material science or equivalent experience. Familiarity with Patran and a knowledge of composite materials.
  • Introduction to Laminate Modeler
  • Introduction to Composite Materials
  • Review of Material Constitutive Laws, and Laminate Stiffness  
  • Creation of Composite Model in Patran  
  • Exercise Session  
  • Failure Criteria for Composites
  • Postprocessing of Composite Analysis Results  
  • Exercise Session  
  • Creation of Ply Materials, and Layups with Laminate Modeler  
  • Exercise Session  
  • Plies on Doubly Curved Surfaces
  • Shear Algorithms
  • Draping Algorithms
  • Creating Splits in Plies  
  • Exercise Session  
  • Manufacturing Integration
  • Exporting Flat Pattern  
  • Springback Analysis  
  • Exercise Session  
  • Optimization of Composites