MAR104 - Electromagnetic Analysis using Marc and Mentat

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This course provides an overview of general electromagnetic theory and of the theory behind different analysis types in Marc Electromagnetics and the typical problems they can handle. It provides a quick review of Marc nonlinear methodology and contact analysis as well as of Marc Structural and thermal analysis. For each analysis type, the workshops are chosen to show a range of problems that can be solved in Marc. Each workshop shows detailed step by step finite element modeling in Mentat and is a quick, simple and efficient way of learning Mentat. The post-processing section of each workshop problem illustrates how finite element results can be interpreted, and how they can be used to obtain other practical quantities. Relevant short notes at the end of a workshop help in getting additional information about Marc and Mentat.

3 days
Pre-requisites : 
  • Day1
    • Main theory of EM and Electrostatic workshop
  • Day2
    • Joule-thermal-structural and Magnetostatics=structural workshop
  • Day3
    • Piezoelectric , magnetostatic-thermal and magnetodynamics workshop