NAS319A - Fatigue & CAE Integration

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A state of the art view of CAE based fatigue, durability and damage tolerance calculations will be presented with a particular emphasis on conceptual behavior. This class will show that the basic principles of fatigue life estimation are relatively straightforward and certainly within the role of typical stress, dynamics, and FEA design engineers. Although MSC products will be used to show example problems the course material will be independent of any software products and generally focused on the technology rather than specific software products.
1 day
Pre-requisites : 
The course will give a basic overview of the methods – but from a quite unconventional perspective (concept rather than equation driven). So no prior knowledge of fatigue analysis techniques or dynamics is required. The latest fundamental developments (theories and implementations) in the field will also be presented.
  • History of Fatigue Methods and Their Integration into the CAE Environment
  • The concept of FE Based Fatigue Analysis
  • Background to Dynamics For Fatigue Analysis
  • Step By Step Process For Static and Dynamic Models (Both Time and Frequency Domains)
  • Background Fatigue (Stress Based)
  • Materials Considerations
  • Loading Considerations
  • Stress-Life Based Fatigue in More Detail
  • Strain-Life Based Fatigue
  • Fracture Mechanics and Crack Propagation (Brief Treatment Only)
  • Accelerated Testing Techniques
  • Composites and Non-Metallic Materials
  • An Introduction to Weld Analysis, Wheels Fatigue, Multiaxial Fatigue and MBS
  • Offshore Structures and Fatigue