ADM710 - Flex Body Dynamics and Modal Stress Recovery using Adams

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You will learn how to use Adams/Flex to incorporate flexibility into your Adams models. The course is primarily focused on using component modal synthesis via the Modal Neutral File (MNF) and Adams/View. Previous FEA experience is a plus, but not a requirement. You will be comfortable using Adams/Flex after taking this course.
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Pre-requisites : 
  • Adams Full Simulation users: ADM701- Complete Multibody Dynamics Analysis with Adams
  • Adams/Car users: ADM740 - Vehicle Modeling and Simulation using Adams/Car
  • Introducing Adams/Flex
  • Theoretical Background
  • Replacing Rigid Bodies
  • Exporting Loads
  • Methods for Optimizing MNFs
  • Using Flexible Body Statements
  • Contact and Modal Forces
  • Stress Recovery with Adams/Durability
  • Fatigue Analysis
  • MNF Generation in MSC Nastran
  • Modeling considerations
  • Validating and Debugging
  • Adams/ViewFlex
  • Generating an MNF from FEA packages
  • Adams/View Command Language Syntax
  • Adams/Vibration Frequency Domain Analysis