FLD120S - FlightLoads and Aeroelasticity - Static Analysis

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This seminar is intended for engineers concerned with structural loads, flying qualities, and aeroelastic stability of flexible aircraft and missiles. The objective of the seminar is to familiarize the engineer with an integrated approach to the state-of-the-art MSC Nastran applications in aeroelastic analyses and their implementation via the FlightLoads User Interface and process management tool. An overview of the aeroelastic capability is followed by discussion of the available aerodynamic theories and case studies of static aeroelasticity. Highly detailed workshops are used throughout to exercise the student and ensure the lessons are well learned.

3 days
Pre-requisites : 
NAS101A (Linear Static and Normal Modes Analysis using MSC Nastran), NAS 101B (Advanced Linear Analysis using MSC Nastran), NAS120 (Linear Static Analysis Using MSC Nastran and Patran), or equivalent; NAS102A (Dynamic Analysis using MSC Nastran), NAS102B (Advanced Dynamic Analysis Using MSC Nastran), PAT301 (Introduction to Patran)
  • Introduction MSC Nastran Aerodynamics
  • Introduction MSC Nastran Splining
  • Introduction MSC Nastran Aeroelastic Solutions
    • Static Aeroelasticity
  • Introduction to FlightLoads
  • Aerodynamic Theories
    • Doublet Lattice
    • CPM
    • Zona51
    • Slender Bodies
  • Aeroelastic Overview
    • Surface Splines
    • Linear Splines
  • Basics of Patran and MSC Nastran
    • Patran GUI
    • Nastran File Format
    • Nastran Syntax
    • Static Aeroelasticity
  • Theory
    • Case Study 1 and Workshop - FSW aircraft in longitudinal trim
    • Case Study 2 and Workshop - Longitudinal Analysis of a straight wing aircraft
    • Case Study 3 and Workshop - Aileron Effectiveness in Roll
    • Case Study 4 and Workshop - Advanced fighter aircraft analysis
    • Case Study 5 and Workshop - Advanced Wing and Canard Aero Workshop