SMX702 - Fundamentals of Multibody Dynamics Analysis with SimXpert

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This course is intended for users who need a basic understanding of the SimXpert Motion workspace. Presented in the class are all of the basics of building models in SimXpert Motion (PARTs, JOINTs, MOTIONs, forces, function expressions, simulation types), running simulations and simple plotting. Users who intend to do anything more than simple model creation are encouraged to take the 3-day SMX121 (Complete Multibody Dynamics Analysis with SimXpert Motion) class instead of this one.

2 days
Pre-requisites : 
  • Building models
    • Adams dataset structure (.adm)
      • Statements
      • Functions
    • Connecting parts with:
      • Ideal constraints (hinges, sliders, etc.)
      • Flexible connectors (springs, dampers, etc.)
      • Complex forces based on system states or test data
      • Contacts using IMPACT function
    • Actuating a system with:
      • Motions
      • Applied forces
      • Gravity
    • Measuring quantities of interest
      • Displacements
      • Velocities
      • Accelerations
      • Forces
  • Simulating models
    • Adams command files (.acf)
    • Compare/contrast simulation types
      • Dynamic
      • Kinematic
      • Quasi-static
      • Static
  • Reviewing results
    • Plotting/Animating(.msg)
    • Message Files (.msg)
    • Analysis Files (.gra, .res, .req, .out)