EAS105 - Modeling and Simulation of Gas Systems using Easy5

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This course will teach you how to use Easy5 to model pneumatic systems and valves. It will review some fundamentals that are usually not well understood and provide advanced instructions for features in Easy5.

2 days
Pre-requisites : 
Completion of introductory class EAS101 (Dynamic System Modeling and Simulation using Easy5) and/or a working knowledge of Easy5.
  • General Theory of Pneumatic Modeling in Easy5
  • Modeling a Simple Pneumatic Pressure Regulator
    • Practice basic Easy5 skills
    • Obtain Initial Operating Points
    • Difficulties in Obtaining Steady State
    • Use Steady State to parameterize models
  • Modeling a Flow Control Valve
    • Building Valves from Primitive Pneumatic Components
  • Building an Electro Pneumatic Pressure Regulator
    • Data Tables and the Matrix Editor
  • Linear Analysis
  • Model a Temperature Control System with Heat Exchangers
  • Simulation and Numerical Integration
  • Macro Code Development
  • Sorting and Solving Implicit Loops
  • Modeling and Development with Discrete Components
  • Modeling Discontinuities with Switch States
  • Additional topics as interest and time allows including:
    • Debugging models
    • How to define and use your own fluid property set