NAS103 - MSC Nastran Nonlinear Analysis

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This seminar provides a working knowledge of the nonlinear capabilities of MSC Nastran for static and dynamic analysis. Both geometric and material nonlinearity are discussed in detail. Nonlinear features of MSC Nastran elements are explained and several examples are presented. Some practical guidelines for nonlinear analysis are also given.
4 Days
Pre-requisites : 
A working knowledge of linear static analysis as covered in NAS101. Experience with dynamic analysis and superelement analysis is recommended

Day One

  • Introduction
  • Nonlinear static analysis strategies
    • Newton-Raphson method
    • Advancing schemes
    • Stiffness update schemes
    • Line search
    • Convergence and divergence
    • Restarts

Day Two

  • Geometric nonlinear analysis
    • Large rotations
    • Follower forces
  • Linear and nonlinear buckling analysis

Day Three

  • Material types
    • Nonlinear elastic
    • Hyperelastic (Green elastic)
    • Elastoplastic
    • Creep
    • Temperature dependent
  • Nonlinear elements
    • Small strain elements
    • Large strain elements
    • Contact (interface) elements
    • Gap
    • Slideline

Day Four

  • Nonlinear transient analysis
    • Integration schemes
    • Mass, damping, and load specification
    • Restarts
  • Superelements
  • Special topics
    • Nonlinear modal analysis
    • Composite elements